Manufacturing and Purity

Our products are manufactured in the UK within our government licensed factory that operates to an internationally recognised code of practice, termed ‘GMP’ (Good Manufacturing Practice) This requires that all the ingredients in our products must be tested to EU standards for purity before they can be used.

We manufacture to pharmaceutical grade standards and test the purity of our ingredients at the raw material stage and the final completed product stage to guarantee the stated label claim, purity and quality.

Our products use 100% active ingredients without any added bulking agents or fillers so you know exactly what the products contain. 

Made In Britain


Raw Materials Sourcing

Many manufacturers use land animal sources for product ingredients because they are cheaper to include. However in view of recent and continuing food related health scares nutravet products do not contain ingredients derived from mammalian or avian sources.

At nutravet, our raw materials are both ethical and sustainable, we have only used high quality plant and marine sourced ingredients for our products. For example for the nutraquin range; Our Glucosamine HCL is sourced from Shellfish and our Chondroitin Sulphate is produced from Squid cartilage.

All ingredients are enclosed in vegetable capsules which are free from any land animal sourced gelatin.

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