Milk Thistle Extract for Dogs, Cats and Horses

Benefits of Milk Thistle Extract:

• Antioxidant proprties
• Supports the natural systems that control inflammation
• Helps support joints, soft tissues and liver function

Milk Thistle is a plant from the daisy family. It is a bristly and prickly plant with a "milky" sap that comes out of the plant. Its leaves, fruits and seeds have been used for over 2000 years to naturally support joints, soft tissue, liver function, kidneys, and gall bladder.

Milk thistle contains an active ingredient called "silymarin" which is a chemical extracted from its seeds. It is an antioxidant and also supports the natural systems that control inflammation making it also a useful natural ingredient for joints and supporting the liver from toxins. 

Milk Thistle is recognised as having a beneficial effect on aiding liver function as well as being a safe and effective ingredient for managing animal health. For this reason Milk Thistle is utilised within nutracam as part of a combined group of natural ingredients that benefit dogs, cats and horses with joint, soft tissue and liver function conditions.