Urinary tract in cats

Cystitis in catsUrinary tract health is a common reason for cat visiting the vets. Many vets have moved to a more holistic approach to aiding Urinary tract health by incorporating the use of dietary, behavioral and nutraceutical therapies.

How do I know if my cat is needs support?

There are a number of possible reasons your cat may need help in maintaining normal Urinary tract health, however it is important to consult your veterinary surgeon who is best placed to offer the most appropriate advce for your cat's specific health requirements. Common signs that your cat needs support are:

  • Pain/Difficulty when trying to urinate
  • Increase in the frequency of urination, with only small amounts produced each time
  • Blood in the urine

An increasing number of cats can be effected by a change in their routine or environment wich can cause stress such as:

  • Moving Home
  • Car Travel
  • Inter-Cat conflict
  • Disruption to home environment ie new arrivals of pets or people
  • Lack of exposure to the outdoors
  • Boarding in a cattery