Skin & coat concerns

Managing a pets skin and coat is one of the most common reasons a pet owner will take a dog or cat to visit the vet. Often pet owners want to help calm the pet's sensitive, dry flaky skin and require a product that will soothe and reduce the itching to help make the pet more comfortable.

In dogs it is particularly common for Terriers, Setters, Retrievers, Spaniels and Dalmatians to visit the vet with a need to aid it  

Recognising when to visit the Vets

The underlying issue often relates some cause of scratching, itching and redness of the skin. The causes and irritation fall into several categories and to complicate matters some pets are affected by more than one cause. These can include things such as fleas, food allergies and an acute fatty balance.


How to manage a pet's skin and coat

A pet's skin and coat can often benefit from a multimodal approach combining drug, nutraceutical, nutritional and environmental changes in a customised plan for your pet.

If Fleas are a problem it is vital to speak to your vet about the best Flea control products to treat both your pet and your home. It is estimated that 95% of Flea eggs/larvae live in the home environment particularly in bedding and flooring, so these Flea stages need controlling too.

Work with your vet on a plan to reduce allergy triggers for your pet. Household dust, plant pollen, lawn chemicals and diet can all cause allergies, or can build to a crescendo of allergies if the dog’s sensitivities cross a threshold. Frequent room vacuuming, air ionisers and baths in skin-soothing herbal or medicated shampoos can also help.